Summary in English

Ilmastofoorumi ry (Climate Forum) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation for better public understanding of climate change and natural climate variability. It was founded in Jyväskylä, Finland in July, 2007. We operate only in Finland, but welcome international co-operation.

It can be arguably feared that climate change mitigation policies waste enormous amounts of public funds while having negligible impact on actual climate change and while the public funds would be better used for real environmental issues such as the growing garbage problem and water pollution. Also, carbon trading schemes and other energy taxes have a growing impact on people’s lives as more expensive energy consumes higher proportion of family budgets, both directly and indirectly.

Because of the above reasons, Ilmastofoorumi aims to educate both the public and the politicians about the uncertainties involving the climate change, and especially the attribution of climate change. It is our view that the anthropogenic component is negligible at most and therefore extensive mitigation policies are uncalled for and indeed meaningless and wasteful.

Governing body

The governing body of Ilmastofoorumi is the board. Current Chairman of the board is Mauri Timonen, and other members of the board are Simo Ruoho, Jyri Virmalainen (secretary) and Markku Save (member). They can be contacted by e-mail at

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